Winding Up and Winding Down

May 28, 2010

Things are coming to a close! It’s insane that I’ll be going back to America so soon. I sort of lack the expressive powers to be able to sum all of that up in words right now, so I’m just going to post some pictures of recent events with brief explanations. If you hate reading, or if the technophobe in you fears prolonged computer exposure but you’re just too eager to see what I’m up to, then this is your lucky day.


So, we had our little Close-of-Service (COS) conference in Tov Aimag last week. I mostly sat in a quiet but simmering elitist rage and listened to my peers talk about their volunteer experiences. Occasionally a sad prickle of “this chapter is ending” would creep up into my mind, but I’m saving most of that for the real finale. The food was good and the scenery beautiful. It went something like this:

Our lodge

Our wooden gers

Sunset over the mountains behind the lodge

Lindsay trying to steal my baby

When I returned to UB, I floated around various social gatherings, got my fill of healthy international food, tried out a new gym. I was supposed to pick up new books for my school’s library, but there was a miscommunication with the Embassy and it didn’t work out. I rode home to Arvaikheer, crammed myself into a northbound van, and headed to Batulzii with two of my former university students to do a human trafficking awareness seminar at the high school there. It went something like this:

The road to Batulzii

The first Trafficking-in-Persons session (10th and 11th grade students)

An awesome mural in Batulzii. Check the lioness’ eyes and where they fall.

Batulzii trafficking-in-persons teacher session participants

This awesome dog followed me around for a bit and I fed him


One of my co-facilitators racing up the mountain in Batulzii

So long since I’ve seen trees

My former students/ current TIP co-facilitators are awesome

On the road back to Arvaikheer. Terrifying altitudes. Terrifying. The girl in the orange coat pushed me when I was up against the edge as a joke and I almost crapped my pants.

Sorry if I sounded crazy in this one. More later!


6 Responses to “Winding Up and Winding Down”

  1. Dad said

    Patrick – awesome photos!!! I snatched a bunch too from your sitemates and saved them to my harddrive for you. It looks so beautiful, I would say I’m jealous, but we are in such beautiful surroundings now that I definitely know it made you feel 🙂

  2. Bahram Tavakolian said

    Thanks for the pictures, Patrick. I hope you have a great conclusion to your work in Mongolia and look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.
    Best wishes,


  3. Enjoy the last moments – dont get too stressed about coming back 🙂 I just moved home monday. It’s strange and unsettling. Hope we can catch up when you get back and get settled (after I just said how unsettling it is!).

  4. OG said


  5. Katie (Getsinger) Miller said

    Your pictures are so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to be home!!! So excited to see you! Hope you final days are wonderful and that you have a safe trip home. I’ll be waiting for youuuuu! : )

  6. Lindsay said

    You look so cute in your picture with the tree!!

    And of course in the picture of me stealing your baby….

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