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19 Responses to “About”

  1. Sarah Shafer said

    Patrick! What a cool experience. I’m going to enjoy keeping up with this blog. Also, the pictures are fantastic. You can still tell that the land is wild.

  2. ayako goto said

    hi, i happned to find your blog. i just arrived at ulaanbaatar, and will be here for next two years.
    if you have some time, let me know about ulaanbaatar. ayako

  3. Selengee said


    Wow… I really like your blog. You are very brave to go Mongolia and I am proud of you. I hope you update this blog often if you still stay in Mongolia.

    Thanks and Good luck,


  4. Hello!
    I love your blog and it seems like you’re doing well in Mongolia. I’ve been seriously debating on applying to the Peace Corps for some time. You’re teaching English? Was that your undergraduate major?

  5. Mari McAvenia said

    Hi Patrick,

    I found your blog while researching details of Mongolian life. Very good reading material! My son is returning to Mongolia on April 15, 2010 to resume his education in traditional Mongolian music. He was there and in Tuva in 2008, from October until June. Perhaps you two Americans will meet up: his name is Milo Silva (aka: M. Davaadongrov).

    I have heard about a serious dzud making life pretty miserable for herders, in particular, and
    wonder about attitudes, in general, about Americans visiting Mongolia these days. Thanks in advance for any reply! Take care and stay well fed and warm.

  6. Jeremy said

    Hi Patrick,

    Nice to meet a fellow PCV in Eurasia! A lot of your experiences sound just like what I am doing here as a PCV in Azerbaijan. I was actually thinking about doing the Transsiberian RR this summer and spending a week in Mongolia- do you have any tips on where would be good places to visit outside of the capital? Do you think any PCVs would be willing to host in exchange for some beer?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • hey! Come on through–I’d love to hang out and show you around a bit. I COS july 15, so it’d have to be a bit before then. And I’m super loyal to my province, where I think I’m going to be spending most of my time during the summer. But I’m sure you’d totally dig it as a fellow PCV. It’s the only province in Mongolia with desert, mountains, steppe, and grasslands. So let me know! If the times don’t work out, I know a lot of people who’ll still be around who I’m sure would love to help you out.

  7. Chris said

    Hi! I am doing a study on ancient Mongolian food. I have done tons of research, but looking for specifics I thought someone on this board might be able to help with. I would be eternally grateful.

    Looking for what they ate, how they cooked it, why they ate certain items, and any rituals performed before/after eating a big meal. I’m also looking for a Mongolian meet up group in the South Bay area (San Diego to Los Angeles). If anyone has ANY insight, I’d sincerely appreciate it. My email address is Thanks so much!


  8. Tom Hagen said

    Just read your blog for the first time. I was a volunteer in Korea 40 years ago and much of what you have written really struck a chord. Like you I came back looking for something in my culture that would take me past the materialism and commercialism. I taught public school for thirty years, built a small house, kept a garden and lived a simple and quiet life. A Peace Corps experience had changed everything I had originally thought I had wanted! Good luck on your return home in finding something fulfilling to give your life to! Tom

  9. dk said

    Hi Patrick, read your blog the first time. really interesting experience in Mongolia. The bad air months is coming. You may be interested in this innovative dust mask:
    It can fit both children and adult and helps to reduce pollution by 135 folds!

  10. Enkhzul said

    Heu patrick read ur blog and it’s awesome! hope u enjoed ur stay in MNG. true words abt mongolia :)))

  11. myagmaa said

    hi, I am student of Merged complex scholl.
    Do you remember me? my class was in 3rd floor of school, i am girl.
    we was friens. i blieve you will read my letter. are u going to come back in my school i miss you. our new teacher’s name is Joice do you know her???

  12. Erin said

    After looking into a site called and lending $25 to a woman in Arvaiheer, I became obsessed with trying to find out where she was from. Your blog provided the pictures I was looking for to enlighten me on finding out more about this area of the world. Look into if you get a chance.
    Very interesting blog too. Thank you.

  13. Batbaatar said

    sain uu naiz mini yu bn da ajil sain uu bataa bn

  14. Just came across this blog doing some random Google searching about Mongolia. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. Hope Ding-dong is doing ok.

  15. Mary Cowmeadow said

    Most enjoy your blog. I will be hosting a young Mongolian high school student here in Michigan soon, and I have been wondering what to feed him. Your food blog on tacos, mayonnaise and other things was enlightening! This will be difficult for me because I love spicy food! I do have horses here, so I hope this makes him feel like home.

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